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rose_goes's Journal

Oh NOES! Rose Goes? - The Rose Must Go Agenda
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Welcome to the Rose_Goes LJ Community.

This community has been set up specifically for discussion and speculation on the how and when and wherefore of Rose Tyler finally leaving The Doctor. We are not specifically about the Rose h8, though it does hover into view on occasion. We cater for those of you who feel, like we do, that Rose Tylers "journey" (as Rusty likes to call it) is nearing it's inevitable conclusion. We welcome that conclusion wholeheartedly, and await it with bated breath and a large portion of chips (just to show our solidarity, of course).

Are you a Rose h8r? Do you feel you have something to contribute? Please join us!
Are you a shipper of the non-batshit variety? Do you love their ship, but do you realise that it ain't about the Tru Wuv forever? Are you sekritly kind of excited by the vast emo potential of Rose's inevitable departure? Come and talk to us, we welcome one and all.
Are you a batshit chipper? Do you think Rose is speshul? Do you honestly think she and the Doctor are going to settle down and have babies and a mortgage? Maybe you should look elswhere, there are entire communities dedicated to that sort of thing, though beware: they may involve pr0n and twelve-year-olds. And pr0n written by twelve-year-olds.

This community centers on both textual and RL speculation about the departure of Rose Tyler/Billie Piper from Doctor Who. As such, it is intended for those of you who are up to date on Rose's current situation, and therefore spoilers for those of you who are not watching the current series on the BBC are inevitable. Spoilers will not be marked as such, if you do not wish to be spoiled for S2 of Doctor Who, we kindly suggest you don't join.

Do you hate? Why not try scifi_hate? We Love scifi_hate